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The Red Beret My name is Malcolm Reinhardt and I have lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years. My work life involved public accounting, high tech/biotech equipment leasing and financial services and energy sales to California industrial and commercial customers. When my last company was sold to a competitor in 2010, I chose to retire and pursue my life long dormant dream of becoming an artist.

Red Beret Paintings, which can be found in a small studio located in my home garage, was created to assist in the fulfillment of this dream. The name was inspired by a red beret given by my step daughter, because she felt a “true artist needs a beret.” I wear this beret each time I put brush to canvas.

Because of my Scottish heritage, I am drawn to landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and neighboring islands as well as scenes throughout my home State of California. Beauty is found whether you view the earth tones of rugged mountains, absent any vivid colors, or the always changing colors of the Pacific Ocean.

Creating scenes of vastly different, but incredibly beautiful landscapes is very satisfying. Mixing colors and then touching the canvas (sometimes to produce very fine detail) provides a feeling for me that is hard to describe. Hopefully, this feeling will stay with me as I continue on my journey to that day when I might become the artist of my dreams.


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